Department of Biotechnology


UG Labs

1. Biochemistry Lab
2. Microbiology Lab
3. Cell biology and Genetics Lab
4. Molecular biology Lab
5. Immunotechnology Lab
6. Unit Operation Lab
7. Genetic Engineering Lab
8. Bioinformatics Lab
9. Bioprocess control and Automation Lab
10. Biokinetics and Enzyme Technology Lab
11. Upstream processing Lab
12. Downstream processing Lab
13. Bioprocess & Biochemical Engg. Lab (R & D)
14. Molecular Biology Lab (R & D)

Research Labs
1. Biochemical Engineering Lab
2. Molecular Biology Lab

Research infrastructure:
1. Binary HPLC Analytical System
2. PCR
3. High Speed Cooling Centrifugation
4. Ultra Sonicator
5. Gel Documentation Unit
6. Lyophilizer
7. Fermentor
8. UV Vis- Spectrophotometer
9. Cross Flow cassette
10. Biodiesel production (50lts capacity Transesterification) Unit
11. Biodiesel property testing Lab
Other Basic Instruments

Departmental Library:

The departmental library is well maintained with all the important reference and text books with 113 volumes. The departmental library has created all the facilities to the student for issuing of books and also for the in house study.    

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