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Department of Biotechnology


Research center information:
Department of Bio-Technology is a VTU recognized research center since 2011, presently 9 research scholars are pursuing Ph.D

Eligible Guides:
1) Dr. Bharati S. Meti
2) Dr. Virupakshaiah DBM
3) Dr. Sharada P

 Major Research areas in the department:
1) Biofuels
2) Protein biochemistry
3) Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
4) Molecular Physiology 
5) Medical Microbiology 


UG Labs
1) Biochemistry Lab
2) Microbiology Lab
3) Cell biology and genetics lab
4) Molecular biology Lab
5) Immunotechnology Lab
6) Unit operation Lab
7) Genetic engineering Lab
8) Bioinformatics Lab
9) Bioprocess control and Automation Lab
10) Biokinetics and enzyme technology Lab
10) Upstream process Lab
10) Downstream process Lab
10) Bioprocess & Biochemical Engg.Lab Lab
10) Biokinetics and enzyme technology Lab

Research Labs
1) Biochemical Engineering Lab
2) Molecular Biology Lab

Major Research Facilities:
1) Binary HPLC Analytical System
2) PCR
3) High Speed Cooling Centrifugation
4) Ultra Sonicator
5) Gel Documentation Unit
6) Lyophilizer
7) Fermentor
8) UV Vis- Spectrophotometer
9) Cross Flow cassette
10) Elisa Reader
Other Basic Instruments

Research Scholars registered for Ph.D:

Sl. No

Name of the PhD  student


Area of work


 G. B. Megeri

Dr. G. M. Madhu (Guide)
Dr. Bharati S. Meti  (Co guide)

Adsorption studies


 K. Bhat

Dr. K. Chandrasekhar
Dr. Bharati S. Meti

Physical analysis of Biomolecules


 Madhumala Y.

Dr. Veena Sorgavi(Guide)
Dr. Bharati S. Meti(Co guide)



 Premjyoti C. Patil

Dr. Bharati S. Meti

Algal biofuels


Preeti S. Kumarmath

Dr. Sharada P.



 Shilpa K. Jigajinni

Dr. MSRC Murthy(Guide)
Dr. Bharati S. Meti (Co guide)

Applied enzymology


Shivaleela V.B.

Dr. MSRC Murthy(Guide)
Dr. Sharada P. (Co guide)

Biophysical characterizatioin  of Proteins


Hemalatha V.B.

Dr. Virupakshaiah DBM

Medical Microbiology


Sushma Hallad

Dr. Bharati S. Meti(Guide)
Dr. Virupakshaiah DBM(Co guide)

Cellulosic conversion

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