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Basic material testing lab: Students would understand the testing of Bricks, tiles, Timber, Steel, Sand and coarse aggregates, Students are able to know the different materials of construction. Major Instruments like universal testing machine and compression testing machines are present.

Surveying practice: Knowledge of different types of chain instrument (Basic Surveying instrument), type of compass surveying to set the bearing & find the angles, different types of leveling & study of Dumpy level. preparing contour maps. Student will get the basic knowledge of operating optical angle measurement (theodolite). Knowledge at modern surveying instrument (total station) and setting out works for building. Knowledge of setting out of curves for different alignment in field. Major equipments are Electronics Distance meter D.T.4 thedolite
Sokkia Series 3OR Reflector less Total Station with Std. accessories.Total Station.

Engineering Geology LabStudents are able to identify important minerals based on their physical properties. Students can identify different rock types & their usage in civil engg. Projects. Students are able to read the geological map, & draw the profile to reveal subsurface details. Students are able to find out attitude of ore body from the given data. Student will estimate the depth and attitude of the required ore body from given bore hole data. Student will calculate the vertical or true thickness of the formation / ore body from the given data. Instruments like Signal Staking Resistivity Meter SSR MP AT with its accessories, IGIS- inverse slop software,  IGIS- software for yield Test.

Concrete testing lab: Students are able to know the concrete testing materials, Students would understand the testing of cement, fresh concrete, hardened concrete –cubes, cylinder, beams. Major equipments present in the lab are Windsor probe Test system complete in carrying case.wps-532, Marui Brand Scientific Instrument MIN-020-1-00, HR-Rebar Locator metric system model R-HR-7700, Poroscope plus model C-P-6050, Resistivity meter  RESI, Concrete Test Hammer Type NR ORIGINAL SCHMIDT (SWISS MADE).

Computer Lab : After the completion of course student will learn to Draw the of building components using AUTO CAD, Student will learn to Analyze the beams and frames, Student will learn to operate M.S Excel problems in civil engineering. Legal softwares available - STAAD Pro 2005 (Built 1001)IS CODE , Structural Analysis and Designing software,  AUTO DESK EDUCATION SOLUTION SET (ESS) Civil & Auto Cad revit series 9.0EDU  ,  Lusas Academic Software.

Fluid Mechanics Lab: Coefficient of discharge of given equipments are calibrated by conducting experiment in the laboratory, Efficiency of different plates used in hydraulic M/C are estimated with the standard procedure, Major loss and minor losses are calculated by standard methods.

Highway materials testing lab: After studying the course the student is able to Gradation of bitumen, Softening point of bitumen, Viscosity of bitumen, Ductile value of bitumen, Specific gravity of bitumen, Flash and fire point of bitumen, Crushing value of aggregates, Impact value of aggregates, Abrasion value of aggregate, Flakiness and elongation index of aggregate, Specific  gravity and moisture conyent of aggregates, CBR value of soil.

Geotechnical Engg. Lab : In a position to identify & classify the soil, In position to determine the physical & index properties of soil, Understand the permeability characteristics of soil, Use of shear parameter in geotechnical design. Major equipments - 3mpa/200cc Standard Pressure Controller,

Environmental Engg. Lab: Students will learn about importance of water quality analysis & classify them in to potable or non potable as per standard, Students will get knowledge about physical & chemical parameters with help of titration & with use of colour measuring equipments. Students will be exposed to bacteriological parameters like MPN & membrane filter technique, Students will team about BOD, COD, volatile, fixed, suspended & dissolved solids. Solar 929 Automic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Gas chromatograph 230V varian model-3800, 5625,UV/VIS Scanning spectrometer,Bench Top PH Meter with Electrodes (ORION).
Structural engineering Lab: The lab is established for the purpose of research. It is established under TEQIP phase I. the major equipments available in the lab are  Loading Frame 100ton Capacity, Windsor probe Test system complete & Accessories WPS-532 ,Compression Load cell 20T without digital display, Vibrating Table 1mX1m, Flexure Testing Machine (500KN Capacity) with Accessories and Data Acquisition System,  Metra KS94 B, 100/10 accelerometer and Actuator of 500 kN capacity.
Earthquake engineering lab: Earthquake engineering lab has been established in which the demonstration of water tank and a multi storey frame model subjected to earthquake loading is given to students. It is useful to know the mode shapes of structures. It consists of following instruments - Shake Table ( Hzl with eccentric com), Shake Table ( Vtl. Base  motion), Models to conduct experiments and 8 Channel Thermal Array Corder with 40GB HDD & WR3V – Amp Voltage Measurement Amp (2Cb / Unit) Model WR310-8V with accessories. 
Geo-Environmental engg. lab: A geo-environmental lab has been set up which consists of modern equipments such as  Multi-Channel ISE, Benchtop pH Meter & Ion Selective Electrodes, 5 Star ph/ORP/ISE/DO/ Cond. Portable multi-meter kit cat no. 1219001,S/No.001730, Peristaltic Pump. pp30 & pp60 & accessories, DR/4000U Spectro UV /VIS 230 VAC, BOD Track apparatus 110/ 230VAC.

List of the Major Equipments available in the different Laboratories

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