Department of Computer Science

Forum of Computer Science Undergraduate Students

The student association of Department of COMPUTER SCIENCE has stretched its wings in conducting various technical &Non technical events during the year 2013-14 to enrich the innova.tive powers of the students.

FOCUS  FORUM  has conducted formal functions like TORANA-13, Teachers’ day, technical events like Hardware workshop, OS workshop, online contents ,awareness programs along with cultural and fun events.

FOCUS  FORUM  welcomed the 2013-2014  academic year by celebrating  “Teachers’ day”  on 5th September 2013  memorizing the Dr Sarvaplli Radhkrishna .
An interactive session on “Nokia innovation’’ was conducted on 5th September 2013 mainly aimed to introduce application of NOKIA .guided by Prof: M M.Kodabagi , Prof: V.Nayak
A grand welcome to the freshers “TORANA-13” was conducted on 24th September,2013 with various entertaining competitions like Treasurehunt ,Quiz,fungames and validetary function  graced by
Prof. S. B. Ullagaddi,Special Officer(PG Coordinator,Academic section) VTU Belgaum. 

An anti-ragging awareness program on “curbing the manace of ragging” was conducted  on 27th and 28th September 2013.

To enhance the coding skills in the students INFOSYS hosted a online programming contest  “Infosys 2020 awareness  program” held on 7th October,2013 coordinated by Prof. S.M.Hatture.

A seminar on “Computer Hardware” and its workshop was conducted by students of 3rd Years  on 24th November 2013.

An Interactive App’s development workshop was conducted by Nokia Innovation lab for Nokia Smartphone’s for BEC students on 13th and 14th November 2013 coordinated by Prof.Nayak and Prof.Kodabagi.

A rural social awareness program “Vidyarthi mitra” was conducted to enhance the knowledge of the students about various scholarships. Also imparted  lights on  higher studies  by Shashidhar Patil , Shivaraj Arali and group of 3rd yr students on 18th and 19th November,2013

Dance BEC Dance” cultural event was conducted  for students of whole college   to explore inner talent of dancing  which was held on 24th November 2013.

Workshop on “Operating System” this event is mainly focused to  known about different types of operating systems and their Installation with dual booting process (Windows/Linux).  On 7th February  2014 conducted  by
Varsha  K , Mahesh S and  3rd year students  are  part of this event.

It quiz” was  held on  8th March 2014  to improve the technical skills and to ensure the  knowledge of softwares at  present days,this event is organised by Mahantesh G,Rakesh J and 2rd year students  are  part of event.

Sports events like 3B-3G,Lagori,Throw ball ,valley ball and indoor   were organised by Sports secretares Mallikarjun K  and Sneha Unki.

FOCUS  had organised “Rapid ppt”  and parallel“ Pick & Speech ” on 12th April 2014 for the UG students to enhance the soft skills amongst them ,to develop the art of public speaking ,to encourage self learning ,to stimulate their thinking process and sensitize them towards contemporary socio-legal issues these events are hosetd by Shruti T K & Truti B ,Mahantesh G & Chaitanya respectively.

To enhance the coding  skill in the student  ,FOCUS hosted “Programming Context ”for all students and parallely “Stress interview”which was ensures  the over personality development in interview both are held on 13th April 2014 by the group students  Sunil Acharya ,Nishant ,Preeti &Badharinath.

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