BVV Sangha's

Basaveshwar Engineering College, Bagalkot


Developed a number of values added food products from the value added food products from the raw materials available in this region. Ex: Pomegranate products, sapota candy, RTS beverages, squash and natural juice from different fruits, instant mixes etc.
Different processes and technologies have been transferred to about 50 prospective entrepreneurs for commercial production.
About 2000 unemployed youth have been trained through skill development training and other programmes for generation of self employment with about 30% success rate
About 25 virtual incubates per year utilizing theTBI facilities for preparation for different types of food products.
About 100 micro enterprises by production of different food products have been established by Strishakti and self help groups in different parts of North Karnataka.
About 149 Skill Development Training Programmes, 26 Entrepreneurs Awareness Programmes, 34 Workshops, 11 Seminars have been conducted during 2000-2019.
Unemployed youth and prospective entrepreneurs from 10 districts of North Karnataka and neighboring states of Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are utilizing of services of BEC-STEP.