BVV Sangha's

Basaveshwar Engineering College, Bagalkot

Why to recruit from BEC (A)?

Here are few reasons why BEC(A) students would make great additions to your organization

Curious and eager to learn attitude

Students at BEC(A) are exposed to environments where they inculcate a curious and eager to lean attitude, and a culture of lifelong learning.

Critical thinking and problem solving approach

Students display high critical thinking and problem solving skills, where, they identify, formulate and analyze complex engineering problems and solve them.

Excellent communication

Students are trained on professional communication and they display proficiency and adeptness in communicating their thoughts and ideas to other person.

Humble and adaptive in nature

Students are much humble and adaptive in nature. It is seen that BEC (A) students have shown high tenures in the companies they have joined and excelled in their careers. They also display modesty in relating to others which makes them perfect professionals.

Able to work and contribute in teams

Students are team workers and they contribute to the team’s success. Good amount of trainings are being imparted by the college on team working skills and coordination.

Professional and corporate ready

Right from the first year, the students are trained on professionalism and corporate readiness. They are equipped with professional manners and corporate culture.

Confident and display intrapreneurial mindset

Students are confident in their approach and they proactively seek new opportunities. They show readiness to take calculated risks, accept and cope with changes and uncertainty in the environment.

Driven by work ethics and social responsiveness

Students at BEC (A) display ability to apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics. They demonstrate high ethical standards in all their endeavors. Students display great deal of responsiveness towards various social issues.

Well rounded foundation

The curriculum is designed in such a way that the students receive an overall well rounded technical foundation blended with management skills and value based education.

Enthusiastic and motivated

The BEC(A) has developed an eco-system which produces young graduates who are enthusiastic and motivated to learn and work. Students are proactive and forward looking. They have a perfect blend of smart working and hardworking abilities.