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BEC Mindhog - Students Club

  • Hello BECians,
    Greetings from Basaveshwar Engineering College
    AICTE SPICES (Scheme for Promoting Interests, Creativity and Ethics among students) is a scheme to promote students interest, creativity and ethics through student clubs in the institutions. We are happy to share that student club of BEC “MindHogs” is selected under the aforementioned scheme.
    The club will be functioning under the guidelines of AICTE SPICES scheme. The objectives of the club are as follows:

    1. 1. To energize and position student’s club / Chapters/ Societies as facilitating entity
    2. 2. To pursuit individual interests, creative work, showcase talent, networking and teamwork, opportunities, social experience; organization and management skills, exposure to professional ethics etc.
    3. 3. To serve as a platform to build communication skills, think out of box, event management, leadership quality, public speaking, know national culture and many more.
    4. 4.To reach out alumni and industries for fund-raising to make the club self sustainable.

    Through the Club, Workshops, Competitions and Hackathons and other activities will be conducted to promote a healthy collaborative culture.
    The club is for the students and by the students. Together, we can develop a student community with strong communication skills and leadership qualities promoting innovative culture across the campus. It will help you to acquire requisite skills and enhance the placement opportunities.

    Terms and Conditions
    1. 1. Students on institute roll shall be the member of the club
    2. 2. Ex-students and ex- faculty members and other officials of the institute shall not be the member of club
    3. 3. Open for both UG/PG